Puppy Commercial

I wasn’t a fan of the Super Bowl yesterday, then again–who was? lol. We all know that the Puppy Bowl is more interesting. BUT THIS. THIS is just such a darn cute commercial, it has nothing to do with beer, but I gotta give it to them. It’s clever and works. Just watch and have a box of tissues near by.

Not an endorsement. Just super cute.


Pupercise, VW, & Aliens?!?

Props to VW for their put-a-smile-on-my-face commercial. If you don’t get the end, watch this

This is in light of our new feature. A “video” tab, under our Gallery tab (above).

My mother told me how difficult it is to manuver around the site..so.

1. take your crusor and drag it underneath the photo of Fluff’s nose

2. there, you will see “Gallery”

3. Don’t click on it just yet–wait until the drop down says, “Video”

4. Now. Click on Video.

…okay…maybe it’s a bit tough, mom. I’ll fix it….later 🙂

Puppy Bowl VIII


The most watched game of the world…super bowl Puppy Bowl!!!! Animal planet is certainly doing a number here…competing with American Football. Still, amazing things are going to happen here!

There will be a line of “ALL-STAR, ALL-ADORABLE cast” to compete…and play at the Animal Planet Stadium.

A new addition to this family is Meep, a bird who will tweet live…of what happens inside the stadium.

Who need’s “hot cheerleaders,” when the piggy pep squad is there..

Watch Puppy Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 5…@ 3 PM E/P!