Puppy Commercial

I wasn’t a fan of the Super Bowl yesterday, then again–who was? lol. We all know that the Puppy Bowl is more interesting. BUT THIS. THIS is just such a darn cute commercial, it has nothing to do with beer, but I gotta give it to them. It’s clever and works. Just watch and have a box of tissues near by.

Not an endorsement. Just super cute.


Puppy Buried

Updated news.

A puppy was found in a grave in Florida. Now, he has been adopted by a technician at the veterinary clinic where police officers took the one-week-old pup for emergency care.
This all happened when police were going to destroy evidence in an abandoned pit, when they heard the cooes and cries of the pup.

After tender love and care, the puppy has been well taken care of and named–Tucker.

Authorities think that Tucker was buried for less than an hour, where they pushed the puppy head first into the ground leaving some breathing room for him.

If you have any comments, or know of any additional information…Call the Williston Police Department at (352) 528-4991

Source: CNN


Bulldog Puppy Strangled Resulting in Lawsuit

Almost a year has passed since the death of a 4-month-old Bulldog Puppy who was allegedly strangled by PetSmart groomers.

The masters filed a lawsuit on this past Monday; and their attorney, Jill Ryther recollected the story. 


Rita, the bulldog was heading to PetSmart for a little bit of love and grooming. Everything was a-okay and routine. 

Rita, 4-month-old Bulldog

Two hours later, when Rita’s masters received a call- Rita was vomiting blood and needed the veterinarian’s attention. As quickly as they could, the masters entered the grooming room.

What they saw probably surprised them:

Rita was getting her ears cleaned, but desperately gasping for air. The PetSmart groomer responded to the situation  by stating that the breathing problems are common in Bulldogs.. “it’s nothing.”

The masters took Rita to an external pet clinic. An hour and 45- minutes later, Rita passed away.

They took Rita’s lifeless body back to PetSmart, where the employees later took to the Banfield Hospital (usually at the same location & building) to get a necropsy. The employees stated that Rita had died of natural causes, as stated in the lawsuit.

The masters went to obtain the necropsy reports themselves, the results were different. Rita was determined to suffer from strangling of her neck and even losing consciousness. CPR was tried on little Rita, but was not successful and actually pushed Rita’s trachea out 2 inches of where it’s supposed to be.


After all this had been said and done, PetSmart sent the masters a check for 2 thousand dollars to replace Rita and to agree not to sue…The masters did the opposite. After hiring Ryther as their lawyer, they sent PetSmart a letter stating that they do not accept the check-but the store had ignored the lawsuit, which is the reason why they’re filing the lawsuit.

PetSmart does not agree with the allegations and accounts of the masters:

The death of Rita, an English Bulldog puppy, is a tragic loss. Many of us at PetSmart are pet parents, and no words can express our deep sorrow for this family’s loss.
We take very seriously the trust placed in us by pet parents who each day leave their pets in our care. Nothing is more important than looking after the safety and well-being of pets as if they were our own. 
The facts as represented in the recently distributed press release by an attorney are not what we believe to be true relative to this unfortunate situation. As a practice, however, PetSmart does not comment on pending litigation.

whoah. What are your opinions on this? Would you take their money and get a new dog..or sue?

Masters vs. PetSmart?

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Puppy Bowl VIII


The most watched game of the world…super bowl Puppy Bowl!!!! Animal planet is certainly doing a number here…competing with American Football. Still, amazing things are going to happen here!

There will be a line of “ALL-STAR, ALL-ADORABLE cast” to compete…and play at the Animal Planet Stadium.

A new addition to this family is Meep, a bird who will tweet live…of what happens inside the stadium.

Who need’s “hot cheerleaders,” when the piggy pep squad is there..

Watch Puppy Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 5…@ 3 PM E/P!