Dogs In The Winter

I did this presentation about two years ago, so bear with me.


Surf’s Up Pups!

Dogs of Orange County have gathered to do what they do best…SURF. Yesterday, the goal of breaking the Guinness record failed, but hey–having 30 plus dogs try to surf is worth the look.

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Photos from The Register.
For additional information: Los Angeles Times

Get a kick out of these videos

This year, I began to watch a show where “talents” are exposed on a stage. Their task is to wooo (my word) the audience, meaning…me. However, for many of the candidates-they have failed. Then again, I’m biased..I typically would like the dog-related talent. Why?? Watch this video. Then, you’ll understand. (It begins at roughly 1:35)

Back in the days, my younger brother and I used to watch the Flintstones like no body’s business. Although it distorted our view of modern day life, at the time…it taught us English. That’s why this clip is so ridiculously cute, hilarious, and dang touching.

A two in one special. My auntie used to have a little Collie. His name was Pete. My current neighbor has one similar to this next clip. Her name is Lexi. The common denominator between these three dogs (one is in the video) is how adorable and smart they are. Watch this video. Get a kick…or maybe an idea to walk your dog.

It might seem like humans are just too lazy to walk their dogs…or are we? This is simply genius! Especially for those rainy or muddy days. When cleaning your dog’s paw is simply not on the priority list.

Stollers. A whole new level

I call my furry guy my baby at times. Though,  after running into many dog owner-slash-lovers this week, I think some might have taken it to a whole new level.

The topic: Dog Strollers.

Everywhere I head to: Pet expos. malls. vets. parks. It seems that everywhere I roam, there are owners who treat their dogs like children, literally. To the point where a stroller is purchased.

It’s not about the money…rather, the fact that it’s a stroller for crying out loud. We’re talking about dogs. Dogs are designed to hunt back in the good ole days, to herd sheep, run in the wild…you know, what dogs are supposed to do? What is happening now? Dogs are hanging out lazily in a zipped rolling cage.

I’m not here to bash on those who own them. In fact, I kind of envy you.
I do want to know, though, what goes through your mind when you’re strollin’ in public? or what you think dogs feel or think when they’re handled like human children.