Dog remains missing after a switch at the groomers


This is an awful story. Gloria went to the groomers to drop off her dog at the local groomers. At the end of the day, she picked up her dog, but something didn’t feel right. Her other dogs at home reacted badly to Lucy. She wasn’t playing with her toys, or eating her favorite treats.

What she came to realize: it wasn’t Lucy.

The groomers had switched the identical looking dogs to different owners. The worst part, the other owners lost Lucy.

Here is the news story my colleague did:

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LINCOLN, Neb. — It took about an hour for Gloria Montgomery and her family to realize the dog they brought home from the groomer’s wasn’t theirs.

It began as routine trip to the Suds N’ Scissors Tuesday, when Montgomery was told her dog – Lucy – would be ready for pick-up in about four hours.

But, not too long after, the store called saying Lucy was ready. After they brought her home, Lucy wasn’t playing with her favorite toys or eating her go-to treat, and that’s when Montgomery figured it out.

Unfortunately, the people that took Lucy home let her outside during Tuesday’s snow storm – thinking it was their own.

Both dogs were the same breed and looked almost identical.

Now, no one can find Lucy.

“I’m sure she’s scared to death right now,” Montgomery said.

The folks that took Lucy home live near 148th and Fletcher, where search parties have spent the last day looking for her. The family that took Lucy home is helping to find the dog, as well as the owner of Suds N’ Scissors – Deb Noonan.

But, there’s a lot of open farm land to cover.

“We went out in the blizzard for three or four hours,” Noonan said, “to try and bring her home.”

Noonan said this is her life’s work, and is a job she takes very personally.

“I don’t want anything to happen to [Lucy],” Noonan said, “I’d like to bring her home.”

Noonan said a mix-up like this simply never happens. But, regardless, many are hoping for a safe recovery.

“The weather has me worried,” Montgomery said, “and it’s supposed to get so cold tonight, and it was so cold last night. And, she’s not used to the cold.”

If you have any information, you can contact Gloria at 402-464-7235.

Here are two links to websites looking for help finding Lucy.


Naughty, Smart Dog

This is MUST SEE! There are those who say dogs aren’t smart. Well, I beg to disagree. Take a look at this, here is a Beagle on a mission. He knows there is a stash of chicken nuggets in the convection oven. The way he gets to them is….IMPRESSIVE.

In The Heart of Fullerton

The sun’s rays were blistering.

My already dry skin could not bear any more.

In the heart of Fullerton, there I lay under the water pipe.

drip. drip. drip.

Each drop of water soothed my skin.

I continued to lay while watching the other dogs play.

Wasn’t long until my master felt the same heat.

She took me home.

and boy oh boy…were we beat.

Puppy Buried

Updated news.

A puppy was found in a grave in Florida. Now, he has been adopted by a technician at the veterinary clinic where police officers took the one-week-old pup for emergency care.
This all happened when police were going to destroy evidence in an abandoned pit, when they heard the cooes and cries of the pup.

After tender love and care, the puppy has been well taken care of and named–Tucker.

Authorities think that Tucker was buried for less than an hour, where they pushed the puppy head first into the ground leaving some breathing room for him.

If you have any comments, or know of any additional information…Call the Williston Police Department at (352) 528-4991

Source: CNN


Our Shuttle Supporter

This past Friday was a HUGE news day! …The Emmys, iPhone 5 launch, and the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s last airborne flight. We were at Griffith Park Observatory to get a glimpse of the air parade, and while we were waiting…so were our furry friends.

Welcome home, Space Shuttle Endeavour.