Dogs In The Winter

I did this presentation about two years ago, so bear with me.


Dogs & the Cold

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Hey guys this is Pup Felicity, and this a shout-out to all the masters and their dogs out in the cold and the things you can do — to help your dog stay warm!

What happens when you put a bowl of water in the freezing cold? Well, it freezes..and dog’s noses can freeze, too. Especially when they have been wandering out all by themselves in the freezing snow, these poor little guys won’t be able to smell their way back. Make sure your babies have their ID tags AND leashes on them!

In California, there are such things as “dog-kinis!” But that is not what we’re here for. Winter is the season to be fashion forward, folks! This means coats–having them be waterproof and keeping your dog stay warm. Make sure that their neck, belly, and their tip-of-the- tail is covered–to make sure everything is just in tip-top shape.

Obesity isn’t cool, but winter is the time to feed your dog just a little bit more–especially their protein. This way, it will keep them..and their coat in tip-top shape! Well, if they’re not active, please don’t feed them too much because they’re gonna gain some weight, if they’re just laying around the fireplace all day.

ha! This is called, “dog-sickle.” After your dog has been playing in the snow–check his feet, because there are snowballs stuck between his toes. In this case, there is a lot of snowballs. If the hair on the dog’s feet is long, the snowballs will stick to it. And then, snow can also build up in his ears, tail, and belly and it forms little clumps of very hard ice, and these can be very painful. So make sure you grab hair dryers, hot towels, what ever it is to get those little snowballs out of your dogs [hair].

This is pretty important. Like coolant, anti freeze is a lethal poison for dogs and cats. Be sure to thoroughly clean up your spills from your vehicle, like your car, your motorcycle, or just your RIDE..and consider using products that are more friendly to animals. You have to visit the ASPCA Animal Poison Center for more information. The link is in yellow.

Hypothermia can happen in dogs. I mean, especially if they are in the out freezing cold for too long, they can develop these abnormally low body temperatures and they wouldn’t be able to bring it back up.There are 3 stages: the mild, moderate, and the very severe. and the temperatures are there on your screen.

What happens is that it can also affect their heart, their blood flow, their breathing, and their immune system…and this irregular heartbeat can cause trouble breathing, impaired consciousness…to the point where a coma could happen!

The symptoms of hypothermia can be a lot of things, like: weakness, shivering, lack of mental alertness, slow breathing, shallow breathing, dilated pupils, there is so many. It is more common in new born and especially, smaller breeds who have, you know, shorter hair.

This has been a Pup Felicity segment. Thank you for watching, listening, and reading our blog. Stay tuned next time!