“Waiting for Santa” -photo by: John C. Haxby

The two Shitzus under the tree is Cody and Bowser, they are Dad and Son.

“These two are temperamental” said John Haxby …their owner.

He entered the photo in a drawing for a Lincoln pizza company, and decided to grab it from him. Only because it completely shares the Christmas spirit of waiting for Santa.


Bruce Needs a Home

1474769_10151762800321423_2008203051_nAre you looking for a cuddle buddy? Bruce came into the news station (where I work) and surprised us with his Santa outfit, but most of all he was just DARLING! He was just so calm and eager to see what they hype was about, why there were people crowding him and looking silly–it’s only because he’s dog-diggity cute!

Here is his information and where you can adopt him:

Bruce is a 2 year old, neutered male, Chihuahua.

Bruce is bashful and needs a family who will be patient and kind to him. He is shy around other dogs so they should meet prior to adoption. Once he knows he is among friends, he is silly and sweet and oh so cute.

For more information on the Capital Humane Society in Lincoln, NE click here. He is #38380,

A Dog’s Love is Like No Other

rEOH5u7I saw this picture on Imgur just a few minutes ago and thought about my own dog.  As many of my readers probably didn’t notice, is that I’ve been gone from the blogging scene for a while. In fact, I moved to a different state–Nebraska.

Fluffy is back home in Southern California enjoying the warm weather–here, not so good.

The fact that this elderly man is taking the time to ensure that his pup gets fresh air is AMAZING. Dogs deserve all of our attention from the beginning to the end.

Every day, despite a good or bad day–they will smile, lick your face silly, and bark as if they haven’t seen you in years. You tell them your deepest and darkest secrets, and they will listen. Maybe step on a paw or two by accident, and they will forgive.

This post is for my dog, Fluffy back home and hope he knows how much I miss him. Hope he knows that I didn’t abandon him, left him alone–that I will come back to bring him by my side one day very soon.