Amber the Pug


When I moved to Lincoln in September, Amber just loved to snarl at me, bark like no dog has ever barked before.

Now, three months later she always follows me around and begs for attention. It’s cute.

Also she snores louder than my brother- enjoy her dashing photo. Amber sends her greetings, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!


In The Heart of Fullerton

The sun’s rays were blistering.

My already dry skin could not bear any more.

In the heart of Fullerton, there I lay under the water pipe.

drip. drip. drip.

Each drop of water soothed my skin.

I continued to lay while watching the other dogs play.

Wasn’t long until my master felt the same heat.

She took me home.

and boy oh boy…were we beat.

Our Shuttle Supporter

This past Friday was a HUGE news day! …The Emmys, iPhone 5 launch, and the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s last airborne flight. We were at Griffith Park Observatory to get a glimpse of the air parade, and while we were waiting…so were our furry friends.

Welcome home, Space Shuttle Endeavour.


catching a glimpse of the sun’s rays..

Dog days are never over. Even in the summer.

Despite the heat waves and hot rays, they still manage to put a smile on…and transfer it on to mine.