About Us

The name is Mega. Yes, you’re allowed to give me any nickname. The most common is Mega-Tron.

Studying Communications and aiming to be the “Asian Version Of Oprah Winfrey”

I love my dog Fluffy more than I should. I plan on spoiling him and I don’t mind what other people say. Because my dog places a smile on my face, and that is really all that matters.


Fluffy was born on March 5, 2005.

He is a simple, yet fun-spirited man dog. He enjoys his short walks, hikes, and car adventures to the local grocery store.

However, Fluff does not like the rain. Only because the rain causes the dirt to get muddy, resulting a dirty paw. Fluff does not like that at all.

Believe it-or-not, Fluff adores his clothing. Whether it be his go-to Chinese New Year outfit or his sweater and bow-tie. He loves it all. When his master comes home with a new shirt, Fluff anxiously (and patiently) awaits to be dressed.


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