Our Apologies

Letter from Fluffy:

Woof there!
My apologies for not writing to you this entire month. No, no worries.. My mom and I have not vanished. Lately, we’ve been on vacation a lot. Especially when my accident happened.

My paw had gotten stuck in the escalator, and it was so so so so painful! After this month of resting and recooperating, my skin is back, fur is growing, and my nail ..well, it’s a little bent.

Thank you for your patience, and mama will post up the photos she has taken. They’re cute. Trust me, I’ve snagged a peek.

Also, it has been HOT in California that I had to sleep on my back, with the fan blowing on me. Yeah. Its so bad for me.. I absorb the sun too!

Talk to you soon.



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