Stollers. A whole new level

I call my furry guy my baby at times. Though,  after running into many dog owner-slash-lovers this week, I think some might have taken it to a whole new level.

The topic: Dog Strollers.

Everywhere I head to: Pet expos. malls. vets. parks. It seems that everywhere I roam, there are owners who treat their dogs like children, literally. To the point where a stroller is purchased.

It’s not about the money…rather, the fact that it’s a stroller for crying out loud. We’re talking about dogs. Dogs are designed to hunt back in the good ole days, to herd sheep, run in the wild…you know, what dogs are supposed to do? What is happening now? Dogs are hanging out lazily in a zipped rolling cage.

I’m not here to bash on those who own them. In fact, I kind of envy you.
I do want to know, though, what goes through your mind when you’re strollin’ in public? or what you think dogs feel or think when they’re handled like human children.



2 thoughts on “Stollers. A whole new level

  1. There is a lady who lives near us and takes her dog around in one of those. Everyone thinks she is kind of strange as that sort of thing isn’t all that common in England. But then the local press and hoomans call Mummy ‘the guinea pig girl’ so she is hardly one to talk.

    Though really the issue is; is it right to treat an animal like a hooman baby? Mummy says no but as long as the pet is healthy she has nothing against hoomans who wish to treat animal in that way.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    • Hi nibbles, nutty, bingo, and buddy!!! So glad to hear from you.

      I know, I can’t decide either because… I love my mommy and even though she doesn’t put me in a stroller, she carries me a whole lot.

      I just feel bad. I love running around like the crazy dog that i am and would feel totally antsy if i were in that contraption.

      But at the end of the day…you are right, as long as the humans love their pup…feed them and give tummy rubs- the world is good.


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