Dog Journal

Roaming around Barnes and Noble, I stumble upon a dog journal.

Maybe it’s just me, but I yelled from the excitement.

Moleskine has done their job. Not only do they have great journals, but created something for you and I.

What you can do is basically scrapbook your walk with you furry loved one. By:

Jotting down the when, where, and with…in addition to that, have a story to follow the photo.

From the back of the book:
“Collect and organize the life of your dog:
-5 themes sections to fill in
-5 tabbed sections of personalize
-breed list, download able training log, checklists, grooming and feeding schedules, health records, memorable moments and more
-202 adhesive labels for personalized your journal

Its 13×21 cm, 240 pages, acid free paper and double expandable inner pocket. ”

If you can get it cheaper online..I recommend! Its $19.95 at Barnes


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