No more escalators


learn from your mistakes

many people have told me this and it was not until today I finally comprehended it.

On a “date” with my friend, we decided to hit an outdoor mall with Fluffy. Like all malls-they have escalators. Having a blast, laughing, and adoring my dog….things took a turn for the worst. As soon as we wanted to get off the escalator, my dogs tiny hands got caught at the end of it.

He was crying for help…and I wasn’t able to do much but cry for help. As soon as this happened, the police/security man turned off the escalator and another man rushed up tI grab my purse and hand me a towel.

Blood was gushing out of my poor baby’s left hand. He was in pin. Yet, right after the incident happened, he remained calmed, licked his wound…while I was still unable to put myself together.

This was such a frightening incident.. Lesson learned. No more escalators.

Thankfully, after we headed to the vet-no broken bones. Nonetheless, he lost a good chunk of his tissue muscles. Poor baby.

Thank you to those who helped Fluffy and I. I know you are strangers, but I will never forget the wonderful thing you did.



4 thoughts on “No more escalators

  1. That must have been so scary. Whee hope you are all ok and recovering at home, well away from those dangerous hooman machines.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    • Hey Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo and Buddy

      All is well now, I was really scared and in pain at first…now I’m all better–just a bit itchy from the scarring and tissue healing..

      thanks for the tip. I get scared when I see them dangerous machines now a days.


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