Bailey | In loving memory of Tam

It’s unlike us to not post. Due to certain life events, Fluffy and I have been grieving over the loss of our dear human friend, Tamara.

This is for you, Tam.

Tamara had cystic fibrosis, which made simple task overwhelmingly exhaustive. Waking up in the morning was hard, brushing her teeth- due to the fact that her lungs were operating at 25%. Though, whenever I saw her…she was just like any other normal person. Resilient. Loving. Passionate. Energized. To my eyes, she was invincible.

She has a dog, Bailey. The most timid dog I have ever met. If Bailey was not near or in Tamara’s arms- her tail would be tucked in her bootay, whimpering, or at times- peeing out of fear.

During the times she was alive, Bailey was always at her side. Simply by the little critter’s company, Tamara would turn her frown upside down. Giggle a lot more. Especially when Bailey asks Tamara to play ball with her- rolling the ball with her nose. Or jumping high in the air, in an attempt to catch it.

This dog, though some might say, “it’s just a dog.” Played a huge role in Tamara’s life. Bailey showed Tamara what unconditional love was, sharing many life’s moments together, and the joy of laughter.

Bailey, I know you don’t speak too much English….but that you for being my friend’s loving company. With your licks and kisses…just know that you made an impact in her life. She talks about you often… And takes tons of pictures of you too!







Photos taken from Tam’s Facebook. The last photograph was when Tammy and Bailey Skyped with one another.

We love you Tamara!


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