Best B1tch You’ll Meet…EVER | Molly

After spending countless hours with plenty of Canis lupus familiaris…A.K.A dogs; I can tell you that: they are humble beings. They always greet humans and their kind with such enthusiasm. One method to show their affection to their kind…is through sniffing each others bootays!

Don’t ask me why..I don’t quite understand. I’ve smelled my dog’s fart a few times. Not a pleasant experience, and I can’t…nor would I want to try to figure out a dog’s etiquette.

Two days ago, Fluffy and I headed to the Dog Park near by home and met Molly and her Master, Janet. After chatting with the Human, Janet and I began discussing about the unique differences between her dog and..well, the rest.

For one, Molly hates getting her butt sniffed. Janet added that Molly ALWAYS gets her way. In fact, the one quote I had remembered was:

well…to be honest. Molly is a BITCH…she knows what she wants and will get it!

I seriously can’t forget that quote!

More importantly, Janet and her husband has grown up children who no longer live at home. Thus, Molly has been there in act of their kids.

Despite her… “bitch-en” attitude, she has made a great difference in Janet’s life. More smiles, happiness, and affection!

Molly. You’re the best BITCH I’ve met…ever. 😉


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