Corgi Causes Explosion

My blog states, “things to do..” well, here is something you shouldn’t ::

Pets are apart of our families…but I’m not going to lie, some are disturbed. AND like us humans, some have issues. 

The Pet Collective wanted to launch their “Pet Sense” …blah blah blah…to do what? To feature this little cute Corgi who despises household cleaners-and loves to attack them. Here we see Yogi going after a can of paint, but then, something unexpected happen. Please watch.

SO glad to know that the little Corgi escaped with no harm done..he was smoldered in paint fumes, and I can’t imagine what would happens if he was directly in front of the blast.


2 thoughts on “Corgi Causes Explosion

  1. Holy Crap! Haha it was funny because the dog is fine, but the fire! Wow that would be scary, especially because it was chemical, sometimes those are the worst!
    And because the Corgi is fine I can say…..serves him right!!! Sorry, I have a problem with Corgi’s, long story

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