The Company

May 25: Grandma is FINALLY here in the States! Of course, the one question I’ve been dying to know is: what is the name of her new dog? Well, the answer made me laugh my socks off….it’s..drum roll please?!…..BIGLE.!!

If you’re going “WTH?” you’re not alone. It’s pronounced “beagle” …so original Grandma, so original.

My family background is Indonesian. Many are still living there, including my grandparents.

They love dogs! There were so many dogs at one point-12 German Shephards. As time went on they each passed and eventually found Salty, a small mixed dog who was roaming the streets homeless.

I don’t remember too many memories of his youth, because I was too young at the time. Though, when I came back to Indonesia ten years later… Salty was slow, had dental issues, and just getting older. He’s in dog heaven with the other 12. dogs.

Ever since his passing, my grandparents were reluctant to own anymore pets. Especially after hitting the age of 80 & 82, unable to take care of themselves sometimes, and not knowing whether they can handle another dog.

After trying to convince them that they need a dog, they refused to listen-and I gave up.

Until two weeks ago, we received word that the house in Indonesia was broken into. The burglar had gone on the roof and sawed off the metal fence that enclosed the entire home. (Indonesia is not the safest of all communities) After that incident, there was no question in my grandparent’s mind that a dog is necessary… Without further a do. Meet the new addition to our family! (Still don’t know the name)

The company and soon to be guardian


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