POW | Hercules

Here is Hercules. MUCH happier now, which a shirt to cover his past.

As a dog, there are no choices. Most things that occur in life will be based on probability.

Whether you are born into a loving human family or out on the cold streets-scavenging  for food.

For little Hercules, life was all the merry. The seemingly loving human family was there to feed him, bathe him-on occasion, and tend to his rumbling stomach twice a day.

One morning, and routine as it was- Hercules hopped into the car. Head, out the window and the simple pleasures of the wind blowing on his face, satisfied him enough.

As Hercules tilted his head towards his master, he felt a sudden jolt.

“What happened to the wind?” he must have thought.

It took a while for him to realize where he was, because little Hercules was thrown out of the car window.

The car did not attempt to stop. The human continued to drive.

His leash had been caught, now his body was in-between the gravel and the car.

With each step of the gas pedal, Hercules grew more in pain.

He had to endure the longest 2 minutes in life. But finally, the leashed was free-and so was he.

Another driver had witnessed all that happened. She rushed over and picked up Hercules.

His body trembling in pain, as his skin was torn off.

Thankfully, the witness knew what to do. She had connections at the GSROC, where they would be able to help Hercules rehabilitate.

Now, there he is. A shining glory! Wearing a shirt to cover the past, and to move into the future.

Hercules, thanks for being such a sport.


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