TV Channel for Dogs

Source: Business Week-DogTv

I will admit. I am barely and rarely home with my dog. Yes, I miss him and wish we can spend quality time.

Though, during my absence-I want him to receive the best education. Meaning, his little brain to be stimulated, and to not just sit around and sun tan. What’s the best way?…well, I found it. (I laughed so hard when I stumbled upon this)

Dog Television. DogTV.

It’s like Sesame Street–for dogs.

Let’s say my family has to go out to dinner, give or take 4 hours. That’s quite some time to be alone. What I would do is flip on the DogTv channel, which will keep my dog company AND teach him a thing or two.

DogTV offers 24 hours of programming. Endless footage of trees, grassy plains, noiseless vacuums, squirrels (most likely)–you know, things that captivate dogs.

THAT’S NOT ALL! Other than the relaxation, education will be provided. Watching muted versions of doorbells, vacuums, and mail men will reduce the dog’s fear of them.

This is what Fluffy would do when I’m not home. Educate and entertain himself. Of course quality time should not be sacrificed-he loves his his belly rubs WAY too much.

and…I hope you find this intriguing and odd as I did. My idea to create optical lenses for dogs, might just come true!

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One thought on “TV Channel for Dogs

  1. As the owner of a dog who loves television just as it is:
    I have to say that Zac would probably be bored with dog tv, he loves people tv too much!
    Do they have funniest home videos?
    What about detective stories which get his protective instincts riled up
    And then of course there are the nature programmes. He meets other dogs at the dog park, he loves seeing crocodiles & elephants.
    Now if they can bring out scent tv – that could really hook a whole new four legged audience.

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