America’s Family Pet Expo

This past weekend marked the best thing to happen in pet history.

The America’s Family Pet Expo was in town!


You need to understand, I’ve never been to such thing…and to say the least, I was blown away.

Essentially, everything there is to know, purchase, see, smell, and touch about pets…was here!

This was the first year that the fair allowed dogs to enter the park. Fluffy was not with me, because I was a one-man-band. Took photographs and stuff. AND the BEST part was:

The two asses..named Danny and Fanny. Here is Fanny

being with so many animal lovers-dogs, cats, parrots, lizards, lamas, you name it-was a magical experience! Since I focus mainly on dogs…each dog lover I approached, had their own story to share.

Whether it is their little guy working at the hospital, having been abandoned on the street, or sharing all the cute details about them; drives me further into passion, listening to the life altering experiences pets have bestowed upon their masters.

Bone? Treat? Wheree??




On top of that, the wonderful smells that escaped the food venues were ridiculous. Imagine a cartoon, showing the pie cooling by the window. The completely visible aroma…it was as if nose tracked and trailed down the churros, hot dogs, and all fast foods galore!

Shopping for new dog toys and cleaners and even being able to adopt a pet on the spot was another cool thing. To do both in one location.. INTENSE. AWESOME. Words that are only glaze the top of the cupcake.

it     was     EPIC

If you didn’t go. I am SO sorry. Next year, I’ll be sure to inform you ahead of time.

What to expect this week:

  • Pet product reviews= “PupView”
  • Photographs 

2 thoughts on “America’s Family Pet Expo

  1. Sounded like a lot of fun! Thanks for the nice description. Makes me sad that I can’t have a pet where I live.

    Oh come on, you totally could have taken your dog with you, leashed it up and strapped a camera to the top of it!

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