Spotted on the Streets! • Kovu

Sometimes days are dull. Then again, there are days such as today-where you spot a dog in the middle of school grounds.

You never see dogs at school. For all I know, I thought it was forbidden.

On the way to grab lunch, I took photos of these two. The woman’s name- I know not. The dog’s name is Kovu, given after The Lion King movie.
Kovu is a Pit bull and Rotwhiler mix puppy. I suspect he is under 6 months old, since he was sniffing everyone that passed him and being really playful.

Kovu’s master had a tough time getting him to walk, he was very distracted by the many giants rushing to their classes.

Tons of eyes was on him- all thinking, “what the heck is a dog doing at school?”

I was one of those. I had this confused look, when Kovu entered the cafeteria. No big deal- he’s so cute!

As I left, Kovu was on his way to history class … His master could not find a dog-sitter, and needed to take care of him.

Talk about love and commitment!

is this allowed?

is this allowed?


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