POW • Pet Of the Week: Pele

“If you can look at a dog and not feel vicarious excitement and affection, you must be a cat.” -Unknown
This quote was written by an unknown author…probably because they knew a lot of criticism would arise from it.

Pele, named after a Brizilian soccer player and lived to the age of 14. Not only that, he was a major Garfield: weighing in at an incredible 20 pounds.

That’s about 3 times my dog’s weight!
The quote is pretty inaccurate, because Pele was not your typical feline.

After speaking to his owner, Aziz… the love and affection Pele had for his owners was unbelievable. He took walks with his master, played chase and some fetch along the way.

“He had an amazing personality,” Aziz said during our phone conversation. They were together every waking moment.

Pele was like a dog. Just different ears, nose, tail, and..well, everything else to the naked eye. In his heart-he was a K9.

Rest in peace, Pele.


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