Doggy Daycare & Valet

The Los Angeles Brewing Company has solved a problem that we at PupFelicity encounter all the time.


I want to have a good lunch with a few of my friends but it is a heartbreaker to leave Fluffy at home. After weighing the odds, the dog usually stays at home. Though during  dinner, my dog would constantly be in my mind. Such an issue.


The restaurant has identified this problem and created a solution. Bring the dog with you to dinner. Dog sitting will be available.


I recall back when I was younger and my mother dropped me off at the child care at the gym. This has got to be better than that!


Dog Valet seems too good to be true. Kind of.

To dine in and receive this FREE service, your dog has to be L.A licensed  (whatever that means)…should I take my dog to the DMV?


The Brewing Company isn’t the only place that is starting their own doggie-valet. I went to a farmers market on the corner of Sunset and Vine in Hollywood. There was a caged canopy with 6 dogs or so…evidently, it’s a doggie day care there too!



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