POW! pet of the week

Okay! Pet of the week! Drum-roll please… Dum drum dum dum!

My dog, Fluffy. Here is why:

I haven’t seen my magnificent black creature for the majority of the week. Concerns for him pee-ing at other people’s homes is just unsettling.

The one day I am home, he tends to my every need. Meaning, when I am asleep-he is by my side. When I am awake-oh! There he is.

I have to wake up at 3 a.m for work. But was awoken when my just-turned 21 roommate rushed in at 2:45 after a crazy night. Of course I was groggy, but after finding out what had occurred- I am thankful she is okay.

Once she left to tend to the police matter (someone had broken into her friend’s car). Fluffy was sitting a little too patiently at the stairwell, waiting for a signal of some sort.

We made eye contact. He got the point and just sat with me on the floor. Knowing well that I was worried and concerned for my friends.
So, he did what he knew best- played dead for a little while.

After bursting out a laugh, he just looked at me with his soft & twinkling eyes.. And went back to bed.

This man-iva (MAN + DIVA) is so difficult to understand. But so lovable!

My friend is alright, they are on the drive home. Roommate is back at home. I am in the parking lot, in the middle of the morning…blogging.


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