The Sticker Says It All

The other day, I posted a clip about a blind dog being rescued.

This dog decal says “who rescued who?”

This sticker says it all.
It’s frustrating to figure out an explanation for why people abandon their dogs (or even pets in general).

However, those who took their personal time to care for those dogs on the street…I love you! 🙂

Thank you..thank you!
Coming up this month:

There is Dog Yoga that Fluffy and I will be attending. Will post about it…once I even figure out what it is!



One thought on “The Sticker Says It All

  1. Who rescue who. What I get is companionship.
    Thank you so much for posting the rescue video. The non profit organization is’s end in mind is to educate people on the importance of companion animals in our society to stop the cycle of animal neglect and abuse.
    I am humbled by their big hearts to humanity.
    Please support. Love you all!

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