Doggie Diarrhea

Yesterday morning I was awoken by the sweet smell of dog crap. Tons of them.
Fluff was not having a great morning either, since he was having some digestion issues- diarrhea.

Since the concern for his health arose, I thought to share some facts and things to do.

Diarrhea is first, a horrid word. Second, it is common in puppies and adult dogs. Usually happens because of intestinal parasites or dietary reasons.
Dogs are scavengers from the get-go. They will consume everything they see: dead animals, grass, and all that jazz. It’s no surprise that their stomachs are working hard to keep things in equilibrium.

Diarrhea is something to be concerned about and needs to be treated well. Going to the vet is an option, but there are things to do at home to alleviate it. Though, if the conditions worsen–then you want to call the vet.

At home:
Post diarrhea, ensure that the dog has plenty of water to drink-and that Fido actually drinks it.
Dehydration can be a causal factor.

In terms of food, switch to a more bland and easily digested food. An example would be white rice with white meat chicken- no bones or skin, of course.
If you want to know more about the characteristics of diarrhea:

Turns out, the reason why my dog was having his bowl craze was: my mother decided to give him a LARGE bowl of milk..which he finished-since he has no sense of self-control.
Silly dog. Milk is for humans.


2 thoughts on “Doggie Diarrhea

  1. Milk? Yup, that will do it. We usually do not feed for 24 hours, allow the colon to “cleanse” itself. Of course, plenty of water. And the usual guilty feeling and breaking heart associated with not feeding goes along with it. They look at you like you haven’t feed them for months. But one time, both of mine caught something, and for 4 days I would come home from work to a living room full of.. yuk. Then I finally stood my ground and refused any food for 24 hours (I had already tried the white rice and tablespoon of yogurt, too), and sure enough, that did it.

    Needless to say, I bought a carpet steam cleaner that week.

    • yuck is right! that’s kind of funny and disgusting at the same time. Carpet cleaner?? I would just get new carpets. hahahah. our “children” are messy…

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