POW! Meet Martin.

Here is our Pet Of the Week, Martin.

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Martin playing dress up

I’ve posted about Sarah and Martin before. Now, it’s time to share the dog’s story.

Martin was a cutie pie as a baby pup, everything his owner wanted: lovable, playful, happy, all those puppy stuff! As he grew older, there were a few moments that his owner did not think he was aging gracefully. Though, she took that back and says, “he’s the most handsome dog ever! Not ugly or fat at all!”

Martin is pretty shaggy, hair wise. From the looks of it, he should love his grooming time.

Martin works with what he’s got! By using props, hats, a bit of water-he can make himself look beautiful once again! Other doggles (or dog models) can’t compete with his male-diva. His secret? Tons of sleep!


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