Help! To Deal With My Pet’s Craziness

To: Masters, dog-parents, and dog-owners, here are tools for you:

Got home from the Humane Society the other day and saw so many dogs without homes, because their owners had second thoughts. Not cool, guys. Let us do our homework first.


You see one ocean, you see them all.

You see one baby, you see them all.

There are times where I overlook the fact that dogs have their own personalities- categorizing them simply by breed. For instance, a pit bull will automatically placed in the aggressive-don’t let them near our kids category.

Today we have Kobe: the most lovable, cutest, and photogenic Shiba Inu ever! He is tremendously loved by his owner…considering how many photos there are of Kobs.

A Shiba Inu is bred to be a hunting dog. The schema that comes with that is probably aggression. To what I’ve heard, Kobe is far from that. In fact, he can be a bit of a diva in front of the camera. Here he is “scooting under the covers.”

Meet Kobe. The morning really gets to him

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