P.O.W! Like a Pretzel, Meet Ketzel

 I Need A Sponsor!Remember how we’re going to be working closely with the GSROC? German Shepherd Rescue Organization of Orange County. Wow, that’s a mouthful. Please welcome Ketzel!

Ketzel enjoys being stroked and likes to sit quietly next to her handler. She calmly observed the other dogs at her first adoption event, but it’s obvious that she is looking for “her person”. Ketzel is young and has a gentle personality. She rides well in the car. Ketzel also knows the “sit” command and walks nicely and easily on her leash.

Ketzel came to the organization from a distant shelter through a collaborative effort with another rescue group. She had a dermoid cyst on her eyelid which was removed to give her more comfort and ease of vision. The vet indicated the surgery was successful and will not impair her vision. Recently, we introduced Ketzel to cats. True to her personality, she calmly watched the cat for a few moments, and then ignored it.

That was taken from www.GSROC.org. You are more than welcome to check out all the fabulous stars on their page!


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