Elegant Pup Craft

Thanks Martha Stewart for making our lives…a life in the fab lane.

Online Photo

Pup Fel loves couture at a budget price. Just as Blues Clues relied on their handy-dandy notebook, we rely on our handy-dandy Martha Stewart. She made our lives easier by providing simple steps to elegance.

Here is our version

Stuff you need: Cutting mat, card stock of your choice, art knife, and photo of your pup at their best!

What to do:

  1. Grab that nice silhouette picture of your dog, place on top of mat
  2. Cut out an outline with our knife. watch out-your ity-bity fingers!
  3. Transfer that to the card stock and do the same.
  4. Choose cool and fancay picture frames. Yes, Fancay!
  5. Wallaahh a bit of glue, tape, and hammering in nails-you’re done!
Tips at your discretion: GLITTER, GLITTER, GLITTER!

Online Photo: Cool, huh?

Classic. No once can compete with this. You’ve got it in the bag 🙂


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