Pet Of the Week: POW!

For the past month, Pup Felicity has been posting the Pet Of the Week a.k.a  POW on our Facebook & Twitter pages. Some have been marveled at that idea and sent us photos! If you’d like your pet to be featured. Send your story  & pictures to our email:

Here we go. Meet Kiwi.

Breed: a combination of Chihuahua and Corgi

Randy, Kiwi’s master has been dealing with a dilemma. His mother is afraid of large dogs because who knows, they might bite her or her family. On one fine Christmas morning, Randy receives a present from his best friend. Inside, was this delicate baby…a dog-baby.

What makes Kiwi so special?

There is never a lonely night in the house with Kiwi running around. She always brightens up the morning, like a ray of sunshine, and more importantly she listens. Randy is always on-the-go, luckily, Kiwi is always willing to sit on the passenger seat-lending an ear.

Kiwi, Pup Felicity wants to say how awesome you are. Thanks for keeping Randy and his mom accompanied and loved!

Fluffy and Mega


Chihuahuas: Their body is longer than it is tall, head well rounded, and large ears erect. There are different coats: short, long, wavy,or flat. There are many different colors, too many to name.

Chihuahuas are great companion dogs. They are very adventurous, damn proud, and love affection. They are super loyal and can be attached like super-glue with proper human leadership and training. Intelligent and can quickly learn “the ropes,” socializing is also important. The toughys are: house breaking and being firm about training them. They can have the Small Dog Syndrome. (basically thinking: they’re the BOMB, showing dominance)

Corgi: Their body longer than their feet. Cute and lovable.There are two Corgi categories: Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Prembroke Welsh Corgi.

The Prembroke W. Corgi are incredibly smart, loyal, and love to please their owners. Despite their small to medium size, they are quite energetic and love to be active. More importantly, they are good with children…as long as the dogs knows that humans are leaders. (small dog syndrome, once again). Lastly, they make great guard dogs, obedience, and show dog


4 thoughts on “Pet Of the Week: POW!

    • Thank you Mona! Sad to not see you…I hope your feet is getting better.

      Fluffy and Mega

    • Thanks Franz for the like and follow. We (Fluff and i) definitely LOVE, ADORE, and will follow it religiously from now on! 🙂

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