A Lonely Dog Owner

Audio Version: A Lonely Dog Owner (After listening to this, let me know what you think)

If you were to ask me, why I do what I do…my mind would be in complete confusion. There is not enough power to introspect the love which radiates for my pup. Even though I know Fluffy loves me so much, it becomes lonely-going to the park, by myself, Lunch date with Fluff- and only Fluff. I can only talk to my dog so much…until I’m declared insane by those around me.

I’m not asking for a pity party, because there was a turn of events this year. A year, with no resolutions and no expectations…basically, anything could happen. The first week of school, a professor asked the students to go around and introduce themselves. After gathering my thoughts, it was my turn. Age, grade, ambitions, and hobbies; what to say? What to say?

Age: 20. Grade: Junior. Ambitions: Asian version of Oprah. Hobbies: Love my dog and have a dog-blog. A few more students introduced themselves, pretty interesting…I suppose. But when it came to Sarah, she caught my attention by saying one word, “dog.” My eyes and ears were completely on her. In my mind, a light-bulb turned on. New friend + dog= dog dates! No longer will I be alone.

Class ended and we exchanged numbers, and the rest was history.

Here is what occurred.

I suppose I am the “man” of the relationship, because I picked Sarah and her dog, Martin. Cute little chubby guy and went off to the Fullerton dog park. It was S&M’s first time there, so I introduced her to the other pups.  After many photos, attempting to make our dogs run, we grew tired ourselves and not to mention-hungry. Packed our bags, and headed to a local plaza for some sushi. Nothing like good’ ole raw fish and rice.

I don’t exactly remember what we talked about, but I know we laughed, shared stories, and had a ton of fun with our boys. Let me tell you, having a friend who cares and shares common interest is amazing. Brightens up the day and creates wonderful memories. NOT that Fluffy is not amazing, just great to have someone human to share with.

We’re going on another “dog-date” this month, and we’ll share more. I wanted to share this, just in case someone feels lonely. Because, there’s a ton of people-dog lovers to be sought after!


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