Road Map to Fun

What a beautiful start to our Saturday, awakened by the subtle rise of the morning sun—we were ready to embark on our adventure. As we stepped foot on our porch, we looked at each other and thought—dog park!

Couldn't contain his excitement ...heading to the dog park!

As I put on Fluff’s harness, he could not contain the excitement. He ran into the car, waited patiently as I took my time gathering my “stuff.” When we had reached the dog park, Fluff went bezerk seeing his long-time buds. Sniffing one another, humping (like usual), and chasing each other around the field. This went on for quite some time.

The dogs did “their thing,” and the humans decided to converse. I made a new friend and found out that she is new to the area. I dedicate this post to her: in the hope that she will find new ways of spending time with her fabulous Oliver.

A new life-long friend

To start things off, here are two places which I recommend to start with.

  1. The dog park is such an amazing place. You can make your furry child happy and get some all-natural Vitamin D in your system. (Also, Yelp is helpful: search “dog park” in your city)
  2. Dog socialites are out there! Meetup is a social network which helps find groups that are designed for you. Just have to search for the perfect fit.
After a few hours at the park, not only was Fluff tired–but I was too. We wanted to relax some, and since we were in he Sierra Madre, CA area..that’s where Sierra Bistro comes to play. Here is a restaurant dedicated to feeding humans and their animals happy. Their food is delicious and fresh! They have a menu on their website, just click on the link.

Fluff enjoying his grilled chicken. Mr. Pickles is in the back ground, a doggie friend we met at the park

To rest up, we ended our day with a nice shopping trip up the street from lunch, the Shabby Dog. Fluff and I have been here before and simply fell in love. They have amazing collections. From the “bling-bling” to the subtle high-class leather accessories.

This is Roxy, she was groomed here..and she's a bit of a chunky monkey. Still, cute!

Tired from the adventure. Sleeping in his new T-shirt.

(This is a shout out for all the dog owners around Pasadena, Sierra Madre, San Gabriel, and surrounding area:: hope you enjoy)


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