Attack of the Clones

Long, long ago, back in 2004, a woman in Texas purchased a cloned kitty-kat for $50,000, because she had lost her Nicky of 17 years.

She saved Nicky’s DNA, sent it to a lab and whaa-bam, a kat appeared! Cloned Kitty Kat was named Little Nicky (how original). The Texan woman claimed that her new Little Nicky has the same personality and appearance as the original Nicky.

At the time, dogs were not cloned because they are more lucrative than cats.

Fast-forward five years. In 2009, there was a cute cloned Golden Retriever. A family in Florida who had lost their dog, Sir Lancelot, decided they wanted him back. To do so, the Florida family gave a South Korean lab $150,000 to create Lancelot Encore*

Now, before you go off cloning your pets… I must warn you that the cloning process is not 100% guaranteed. You have to be willing to head under some defective copies, before getting the “right” one. Some have died within days and others at weeks, nothing is guaranteed.

Robert Lanza, a cloning expert says,

“Cloned animals have distinct personalities, just like identical twins. We cloned a herd of cattle several years ago–they were all cloned from a single individual. Yet they developed a social-dominance hierarchy just like a herd of ordinary dairy cows.

The cloned animals exhibit the full spectrum of behavioral traits, from curious and inquisitive to timid and shy. There’s no doubt about it: each cloned animal has its own unique, individual personality.”

If that is the case…why the heck would anyone need to spend that amount of money? For $150,000 and $50,000, thousands of dogs and cats can be saved and placed in a loving home.

*(where do they come up with these names!?!)

Sources: MSNBC; Technology Review

Additional Reading: Pet Cloning; Stem Cell Research 


3 thoughts on “Attack of the Clones

  1. I was thinking pretty much along the same line… not about what could be done with the money spent on cloning, but that there are so many wonderful pets out there just waiting to be adopted. Many will be just as wonderful, if not more, then the dear departed one. Personally, I would never consider cloning the two I have now, even though they are the most wonderful dogs I’ve ever owned – simply because my last set were the most wonderful dogs, and the set before them, and so on and so on. It just keeps getting better and better with each dog I own. 🙂

    • Oh! I cannot agree with you more. I suppose, I did not make that clear on my post. But since each cloned animal will be different, anyways. More of a reason to get..AND save other animals.
      I think the differences between each pet we get is the best part. 🙂

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