Dogs. Saving the world

Watch this video… guarantee you will want a dog! It is lengthy in the beginning, but trust me–it is setting the plot for a greater message!

I have not always been this compelled with dogs. If you care, their scientific name is Canis Lupus Dingo..if that’s the first time you’ve seen this. Well, same here..(it now make sense how the Po-po came up with the K-9 name. Always thought it was because of their teeth.

Never bothered to get to know a dog. By that, I mean…care for one. Always looked at them with great distance.

Now that I have experience, I have to say. Yes, they are love-able. And they seem to be better than children, who can rebel, hate, and never love you.. (I know of some people who despise their parents).
No, dogs are different. Better…way better than children. Dogs will love you to death..if you love them, they will reciprocate. Fighting for you, every single step of the way. Dogs. Are champs.


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