Demanding Unison

As a dog park go-er, there are certain laws to abide. Small dogs on one side, Large dogs on the other, larger side.

Went to the park last week, I had a tremble in by bone. I am sure that there are rules as to why dogs are separated by size, but who said that?

Fluffy and I challenged that rule this past week.

After a great deal of thinking and worrying. We did it. We jumped the gun. Found ourselves in the large dog area.

Heart beating, Fluffy peeing, and Mega panicking for no reason. It was about time. To enter the monstrous territory.

See the black speck? Yeah, that's my dog.

This could have ended badly, with Fluffy torn apart like a dog-toy…oh the irony. BUT it didn’t, he stood his ground. Did his famous alpha-dog humping…with the larger dogs.

My proposal is to open the park open to all sizes, as long as the owner(s) and dog(s) are comfortable. Additionally, instead of having size limits on the entrances, have recommendations for the dog size.


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