Lazy Ass or Amazing?

Talk about shopping on a budget, right? This dog has been trained to do what people hate to do. shop in crazy madness!

This dog could have been useful when I went to Walmart on Black Friday. Way to go. 

Here’s Fluffy’s take (since he can’t type, he barked it to be):

There are boundaries to many things, and this is quite outlandish. The poor German Shepard, she doesn’t know any better than to obey. It’s better than a beating…a good ole’ sausage and ice cream, right?

However, this is a great thing. To see a pet, who can be trained–and BEHAVE from far away distances. Trainers can get their hands on this and help the handicapped. Trainers—GOOOOO!


3 thoughts on “Lazy Ass or Amazing?

  1. I run agility with one of my dogs, and (naturally) friends with many other agility trainers, as well as professional breeders. The dog in this video belongs to a working class – and it is in the dogs blood to work. This dog is very very happy when making the store runs for his master. To not allow a dog to perform what it’s instincts tell it to is when the dog is not happy. Unfortunately, my health has now deteriorated to where I can no longer run agility trials with my Aussie, and it does make her sad. I do take her out back from time to time and run her through the jumps, and her eyes light up, tail won’t stop wagging, and she gets a bounce in her step. She’s a herding breed and it’s in her blood to work, and her work is agility – and she so loves it. If she didn’t I would never make her perform.

    • I’m sorry for replying so late. (finals week!) Thanks for sharing! Personally, I think that the dog trained in China is amazing and other trainers should use that to their full advantage, helping all those who need their aid.

      Your Aussie, would she still be able to run agility without you next to her? (I’ve never really witnessed any agility performances) She sounds like she’s having a fun time, I know what that looks like…all the dogs at the park are ridiculously care-free!

      • Well, my Aussie is older – a rescue – and starting to show signs of arthritis. I was actually going to drop her to “preferred”, which means she runs at a jump height 4 inches below her normal height…. but then I started having health problems. So I think between the two of us, the back yard jumps and weave poles keep her happy. Some people think that using a dog for work, as in this video, is “mean” to the dog. What’s “mean” is not letting a dog do what is natural to them. I used to breed and raise Huskies years ago, and that breed is meant to run. And run I most certainly allowed them to do. And I think you and Fluffy are a perfect fit! I can tell he is your best friend, and you are his best friend. He gets to go to the dog park and lives such a happy life with you.

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