The Gift of Laughter

Unemployment decreased to 8.6% this week. Which means, families are getting back on their feet. and feeding their pets (of COURSE, that’s what they would do!)

After reading several articles, I know that despite the inflation, loss of jobs, or family struggles–families and pet owners are not cutting corners on their buds. With Christmas and the holidays just around the corner, the pet industries are increasing their profits.

To join in, I have found a great toy which you can enjoy with your dog. 

Its decently priced, I assume. At $10.00 you can give the gift of fun and laughter…not only for your dog(s), but for your family as well. DOG TOY

Think about it….



4 thoughts on “The Gift of Laughter

  1. LOL! This is great! It’s funny because when I pulled up your post from the email alert, all I could see was the top picture. I’m thinking to myself, “What in the world are those?” Then I scroll down. HAH! Good ones!!!

    • I was browsing for stocking stuffers, landed to these things. Literally spent 2 minutes gazing at them, trying to figure what the purpose was…haha. Thanks!

  2. This is awesome! I now wish I had a dog, so I could buy him/her this amazing toy! Heck, I could buy it for my baby nephew. He puts toys in his mouth all the time 😀

  3. These are great, although I can’t decide which one I like better. I guess the choice would depend on the dog! Thanks for sharing and the giggle! 🙂

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