Celebrity Dogs

I find myself at the grocery store, lining up, and reading the latest headlines.

“Celebrities, are just like us!”

hmpph. Real people don’t carry their pets like handbags. We let them run around, walk..you know, to get exercise? ..Thanks magazines. For getting it right.

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(but of course, there are exceptions :))

This post was meant to be completely sarcastic. 
 I carry my dog, too (to avoid pot holes and puddles).

Picutres are from: E Online


4 thoughts on “Celebrity Dogs

    • I know! me too! Its ridiculous how mommy lets my butt hang out like that.
      From Fluffy

  1. I am not committed to make these celebrities wrong on the slide. All of them don’t seem to care about their pet’s bellies. It’s tiring to be carried with half of your body hanging like that. How I carry my dog is to let them sit on my full arm. As they are riding a bike. Ofcourse I prefer 7lbs dog or less. 🙂

    • I agree with you completely. also, Fluff never likes being held like that. Glad that you keep Juno comfortable!

      it’s Fluff APPROVED :p

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