Rebellious Beasts.

There is just something about the words, “no” and “boundaries” that spurs our pets to behave in the opposite of what we want.

We place limitations on our pets. Not because we’re mean (or at least, I don’t think), but because we know better. We know that without a leash, they can go out on the street and face dangerous situations… with cars..which are about 100 times larger than them. We know that peeing on the carpet is a no-no, because of the awful stench and stain it will leave behind. Finally, we know that portion control is important because pet obesity is not healthy.

As moms’ and dads’ of these beautiful furry creatures, we can forsee most futures. Taking the pros and cons, to decide what is best, because we want the BEST for our fur balls.

However, our little guys (or sometimes, large fur balls) do not understand our position. They love to go beyond their restrictions.

Waiting until someone forgets to close the front door. Climbing up onto the table, to grab that new bag of treats. Or refraining to open their mouth, when we’re trying to brush their K-9 teeth.

Why is that? because not only does this happen to our pets, but also for ourselves.

For me: …that extra piece of pie that I really don’t need. That even though I am not hungry, I still crave it. I WANT IT. Because I know I shouldn’t have it. I shouldn’t do it. BUT I DO. dang it.


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