Wet Towel

I have never been so afraid and conscious about my dog’s stench. Even at 5 feet away, his face smells like a wet towel, forgotten on the floor, and smelling the entire room.

Before I go on…I DO give my dog showers. Once every two weeks, but ever since the smelly incidents.. It has become once a week. Thats a lot of time in the shower. Blowdrying. Combing.

Fluffy doesn’t seem to mind, because he loves his spa days. His owner, me, despises it.

The problem is when I have guests over, and Fluffy beats me to the punch in greeting them at the door. Next thing I hear is, “oh, she smells.”

Not only does Fluff smells, but he is always mistaken as a girl. This is a desperate mom-dog blogger reaching out for help. I do not understand why he keeps on tearing up, and no matter how hard I try to dry his face…those damn tears…just keep on weeping. smelling.

I am googling causes and treatments at the moment. Hopefully, there is an answer..soon.


2 thoughts on “Wet Towel

  1. You may be over-bathing Fluffy. Too many baths may cause a dog to overproduce their natural oils in their fur. And will additionally make their eyes tear too much. I would go back to one a month and see what happens. Do allow his system to come back into balance, though, before you make a final determination.

    Also, try Greenies. The Chlorophyll in it has been known to help with doggie odors.

    As far as mistaken for a girl… not much you can do about that. It’s human nature to think of “fluffy” dogs as female and more masculine breeds (like Dobies, Pit Bulls) as male.

    For your friends who make comments, post a sign on the front door to the affect of:

    My dogs live here, they’re here to stay.
    You don’t like pets, be on your way.
    They share my home, my food, my space.
    This is their home, this is their place.

    You will find dog hair on the floor.
    They will alert you’re at the door.
    They may request a little pat,
    a simple ‘no’ will settle that.

    It gripes me when I hear you
    say ‘just how is it you live this way?
    They smell, they shed, they’re in the way..’
    WHO ASKED YOU? is all I can say.. ….

      Yeah, I knew over bathing was an issue, but with the holidays…there were more footprints through the home. We had to over-impress them with his tricks and fur, I suppose :p

      Got cha,’ I won’t shower him for a while and see what happens..also, thanks for the recommendation. Rushed to the nearest Target and grabbed a chlorophyll treat. (Bummed, Target didn’t have Greenies)

      Those three little sayings..(just want to give you a hug for that!) Totally cheered me up, laughed a lot, and shared with my mom. I will print it out, frame it, & show it off soon–will let you know!

      Thanks again for the help. It truly means a lot..

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