Unexplainable, Explained

My friends and I had this debate the other day. The unexplainable phenomena of dogs..or even animals, in general have…do not have consciousness.

Some said, that animals are not able to think…. For example, if you were to put on a bow on a cat and have it stand in front of a mirror. It would attack the mirror, as to capture the bow…that means it lacks consciousness. They are not able to process the information, the fact that the bow is on them.

I beg to differ.

I say that animals are consciously aware. I have seen dogs, including mine..and some cats. Come up to the mirror and look at themselves. And I know what they’re thinking.

Damn. I look hot!

There is no question whether they are consciously aware or not. Humans cannot limit what animals have. what they say. or do. Because in short, we don’t know. Humans (referring to some scientists) have no capacity to judge that.

Dogs and Cats..and other animals have their own means of communicating with one another. They have their methods of thinking, dreaming, and believing.

 There you have it. An unexplainable phenomena, explained.


2 thoughts on “Unexplainable, Explained

    • haha! that’s so funny! I’ve seen that in a big dog, but never for a small puppy. 🙂 Hope you can get that on video one day!

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