The Shabby Weekend

The sun cleared and the new day began. Fluffy and I woke up, bright and early. 2:13 PM, to be exact. Got ready, groomed and excited. We hit the small down town of Sierra Madre.

My aunt had taken me here a few months ago, and I had a weird and excited urge to take Fluff here.

As usual, we were wandering up and down the streets, finding the right spot to pee on, poop on, and sniff. We wandered some more. Wandering aimlessly is our hobby. And this time we got lucky!

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In the corner, hidden by some trees, light posts, and bushes was this small hut-looking thing. My eye sight isn’t fantastic, but I saw the word, “dog”….AND WE HAD TO GO!

As it turns out, it was a cute little store, groomer, and day care for dogs. The Shabby Dog.

We have never spent so much time in a dog store before. Fluffy was beyond excited. There was another dog there, who he befriended…plus, the store clerk, Anne was the nicest person in the entire world.

She helped us with finding the right collar. at the right price. none of that $100 crap. but still the $100 quality.

All-in-all, it was a fantastic, shabby weekend. Fluffy had so much fun that we was exhausted by the end of the day, got a new collar. bling -to -dah bling!

*now that I’ve re-read this, the weekend seemed ALOT better in my head..but nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves. That’s what should matter. A girl and her dog.*


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