Meet Juno

Meet Juno.





Fluffy and Juno are quite FOND of one another

I never quite understood the point of the dog humping. Then again, I don’t understand men…with their need to show dominance.


Inspired by Uptown Dog, who recently moved to New York City and checking the scenery there…we decided to do the same thing. Not to New York, but Los Angeles County.

Sadly, the moment we arrived and wanted to go out for a stroll, the rain poured. All day! We stayed home, slept the entire day, and what seems to be boring—is true. Then a friend of ours decided to stop by, bringing along Juno (The white version of Fluff). And the boring night that we were stuck in, dissipated. There was laughter, yelling, and a ton of snorting.

The moment that Juno stepped into the room, Fluffy got out of that boring phase and pounced! That means…consistent and reoccurring humping.

Face, concentrating. Butt and wee-wee, performing.

I can and never will understand this act, because it’s not like anything is happening. In fact, Fluff and Juno are humping each other in places that are…well, I suppose, not as “pleasurable.” Like the face and body.


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