Blindly Happy.

After reading Motley Dogs, the world just got better. I have heard of dogs working for humans, but never for each other.

Lily, the blind Great Dane. Madison, her loyal bud.

As a young pup, Lily was diagnosed with a condition which made her eyelashes grow into her eyes (for humans, it’s called trichiasis). The disease forced veterinarians to remover her eyes completely. This might be a tragic story, however, there is a second part.

Lily’s owners would have to take COMPLETE care of her. However…

Madison, the other great Great Dane is only a year older than Lily. They’ve lived with each other when Lily was diagnosed. No one would have guessed that Madison would take the initiative to guide her, literally.

Every where they go, Lily and Madison are together. Their bond is so strong that Lily can sense Madison, although they are not even within close ranges.

Crazy, Right? Crazy amazing.

Thanks Motley.


2 thoughts on “Blindly Happy.

    • Most definitely! It amazes me how surprising dogs can me. Underestimated in so many countries, treated so awfully..when they need to be loved. Thanks for reading!

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