Abandoned dogs (W#6)

Homelessness in the United States is increasing. The doggie homeless, that is. Many dogs are being abandoned, placed either on the street, or at the “shelters”

There are not enough homes and shelters to contain them. As a result, animal shelters have to put 4 million dogs (& cats) to death. That’s a lot of dogs…

What you can do to help…and my little shindig-ity commercial!

PLUS, how adopting your love from an animal shelter can make a big difference in a child’s moral development


4 thoughts on “Abandoned dogs (W#6)

    • Thank you very much! I can’t say how much you have inspired me to write…blog about everything. It’s much more difficult, than what I previously expected. But now, I love it. Especially after reading your Motley Dog blog. 🙂

    • Thanks, Professor.
      Sorry for the change…again.
      Have a wonderful break! Stay warm. It’s ridiculously cold and rainy!

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