Dulce, The Stray?

Today was an interesting adventure. School started again, so I was in desperate need for coffee. Walked over to the Tully’s across the street, almost got hit by raging college drivers, and got myself a nice cup of hot coffee. But the fun did not stop there.

I saw a lingering Chiuwawa, her tail up her butt because she was afraid, and to top it all off, she had no collar! What does that ring? A stray in need of a rescue. I got some food, sat down and fed her some beef (they were seasoned, I found out). Yippie for me, I saved a hungry dog. Not done yet.

The man sitting in front of me asked, “what did you feed her?”

SHIT. What did I just do? I answered in a quiver, “…hmm beef?” And he said, “she can’t have seasoned beef…yeah” (something of that nature)

…Apparently, it belonged to that man..but gawd, I felt awful. I could have killed Dulce (the dog) from that seasoned beef.

I was relieved to find that she was fine, still shaking from the cold, though. Through out my time there…about two hours, Dulce was on my lap. We had a great time keeping each other warm..however, my point is:

Dog owners, please…please, put a collar on your dog. So people don’t get mistakenly sympathetic, and feel bad later to find that she had an owner all along…


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