Fluffy and Religion

(This is to follow post: Dog Heaven)

Today, I finally got to go to church. A different locality, people, and the air smelled like manure.

What I found meaningful was the message: Accepting the faith, is one aspect. But continuing the teachings and application is another. It may sound difficult, but quite simple for others… Like…

For Dogs.

I’ve mentioned in an earlier post about dog heaven. I questioned whether there is a resting place for dogs in the after life. As well as, going to the lengths of babtizing my dog from the kitchen sink.

This application of good deeds..dogs abide by the same rules as their masters. They’re even better at it..

After baptizing my dog, I taught him a few of my life’s motos.

1) Being kind and loving to everyone you meet
2) Sharing is definitely caring
3) Praying

What I came to realize is, dogs don’t really need to be taught that. It just comes instinctively.

1) It does not matter who walks into our home, Fluffy will greet them. Does not matter if they’ll be holding a dog treat or a gun, my dog will love on you silly.

2) he shares.. Sort of.

3) Every day, after Fluffy wakes up.. He does his cute ritual where he would stretch his front and back legs. Then, bow. I consider that prayer.

Point is, since dogs have already gotten the life application down, doesn’t that mean they’re ‘saved?’


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