Dog versus Husband.

Fluffy and I have watched about fives movies this week. We have consumed so much food! Fluffy, peanut butter and bacon bits. Mega, tons of chips and hot chocolate.

Movies: Sunday at Tiffany’s was the hot man and happiness. However, Marry Me, was the hot man with money.

As I was sitting down, scourging down food down my throat, and with Fluff on my lap. My mind began to wander.

Although, Fluffy is there when I am in need, I tell him all my secrets and jokes. Sometimes, I even dance in front of him, to show my newest moves. Likewise, I am always available when he needs me, walk him and comfort him.

But here I am, on a Friday night. Single, probably going to be the thinest and wrinkle-less, but avoiding all social situations. It’s not that I become a hermit, its’s because I am contemplated with two things I want.

These lovey-dovey movies are creating a haze between fantasy and reality. I want to find the man of my life, however, I want to be with my dog. He means the world to me…

From the picture, you can see that I have a large list. A man with high ambitions can only fit those shoes. I can’t win.

I wish (and as I gaze into the stars….) that the man of my dreams will come to my door,point at Fluffy, and say, “I love you, damn it.. I do! And I love that dog too!”


…if only life went according to dreams…



5 thoughts on “Dog versus Husband.

    • Dogs are just lovely. I know my list isn’t realistic, despite the title.. But I can wish.. Just a bit longer..

      I have been reading your posts, they’re wonderfully written and so informative! Thanks so much. And just in case you didn’t get the email I sent you.. You’re my source of news and keeping up with this world.

      • You’ll find your dream man, I swear he’s out there. You just have to keep looking, there will be ups and downs and the best part is you’ll have your pup there with you to share everything with. 🙂

    • Hey, Josh. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog.

      I wrote about Dulce, too. I hope you find it amusing.

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