A rash warning: this body of research is simply, made up…or is it?

It is time. The time where all women suffer. I don’t know why, but we just do. I am a woman..thus, during the week where all of hell breaks loose: I cannot breathe, my back hurts and I am more or less…a b. itch.

Today, I just raided the fridge of anything that contains chocolate. And supposedly, that is the only cure for PMS, but I highly doubt it. After the entire chocolate cheesecake was devoured, I was even more miserable. Not only is my body in pain,but I am becoming even more flubbery. Darn Cheesecake, but sooo good.

Nothing was making my emotions come close to stable. Until I stumbled onto some research findings.

After I had my tremendous food-coma, I took a lengthy nap. Didn’t help, either–sadly. But once I looked at the other end, where my feet was I saw something that cured the pain. For a moment there, my cramps were gone, the back pain-gone. It was this little guy.


Yes, this little guy. Awaiting for me to care and love him. My whole insides started melting at the sight of the cutie.

I recommend, to own a dog, to love them and care for them. Because every month, they will make you feel a heck of a lot better.


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