Doggie Heaven

My aunt has brought up the issue of: what happens to our dogs when they pass away?

I really can’t say- but I’ll let you know when I pass too :p

Then, a few weeks later I came across an article where a priest was going to perform doggie-baptisms.
My auntie’s question is still in my mind.. But what do you think?

Do you believe that dogs have souls? Will they enter doggie heaven when they pass? Is it necessary to baptize them?

I thought it would be interesting. I talked to my dog (literally, talked..) And as his head swung from side to side, probably trying to grasp what I’m saying– I spoke about my religious beliefs. What I believed in, and the positives about it. Then I asked him whether he wanted to be apart of it. He barked, and I took that as a ‘yes.’

Since I was in the kitchen, I turned on the faucet- grab hold of some water and began splashing it onto Fluff.

Now thinking in retrospect, I don’t know whether I went overboard or what.


2 thoughts on “Doggie Heaven

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